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Grass Valley EDIUS X Workgroup (wersja pudełkowa) to najnowsze oprogramowanie do obróbki wideo. Z najnowszych zmian można wspomnieć o funkcji „Background Rendering”, która usprawnia pracę użytkownika, nie przerywając jego aktualnie trwających zadań czy „VST Plug-In Support”, która pozwoli na obsługę wtyczek VST właśnie. Dzięki planom producenta Grass Valley, wersja EDIUS X ma być ciągle rozszerzana i rozwijana, oddając użytkownikom coraz to nowsze funkcje oraz usprawniając stabilność całego oprogramowania. W przyszłości mają pojawić się również funkcje pracy z wykorzystaniem chmury i wiele więcej. EDIUS Workgroup wspiera rozdzielczości do maksymalnie 8Kx4K.Wersja Workgroup poza dodatkowymi funkcjami umożliwia instalację na dwóch komputerach oraz nie wymaga połączenia z internetem.Oprogramowanie w wersji pudełkowej (box).EDIUS X marks the start of a new era in nonlinear editing. EDIUS X comes with a completely redesigned core engine along with a modular concept allowing even more performance for fully customizable workflows. For almost two decades, EDIUS hallmark has been its stability, benchmark setting performance and creative tools. EDIUS is being used across the industry from broadcast facilities and newsgathering organizations up to government institutions, corporate productions, independent filmmakers, video creators and video enthusiasts.EDIUS X’s new modular design enables Grass Valley to continuously update and enhance the EDIUS X feature set and workflow options. This allows to meet upcoming user demands and incorporate new technologies and web services into the software itself — such as machine learning during the ongoing development of EDIUS X. All EDIUS 10.x update releases will be available free of charge during the expected lifecycle of about two to three years.Features of EDIUS X Version 10.0:Background Rendering: EDIUS X will never ask you to interrupt your editing for a process to finish. This makes your workflow smooth, creative, and virtually unstoppable.Background Export: The new background render engine is also great for exporting files. You will never have to pause working while exporting.GV Job Monitor: EDIUS X keeps you informed regarding all background activities and lets you prioritize jobs as needed.VST Plug-In Support: EDIUS X broadens the support for VST-plugins. This includes support for latency plug-ins along with a powerful WaveShell integration.Motion Tracker with Chase Mode: EDIUS X allows you to easily attach a label, animation or video clip to your tracked object.Motion Tracker with Anchor Mode: Have your picture automatically reframed with reference to the tracked object. This is great for aspect ratio conversions and virtual multicamera shots.H.265 Export: EDIUS X speeds up export rendering time by leveraging NVIDIA GPU support. This is also available with the new Background Rendering options.GUI Color: EDIUS X comes with a refined GUI in a slightly darker color. This makes editing even more comfortable with a cool new look.Optimized Performance: EDIUS X is all about performance and a futureproofed design. EDIUS X requires Windows 10 and makes optimal use of advanced technology. This includes hardware acceleration provided by Intel QuickSync as well as broad GPU support. The new modular design allows utilizing the potential of multicore CPUs more efficiently than ever before.Optimized Audio Sync Performance: EDIUS X provides an even faster automatic audio sync function to align as many clips as your projects requires for a smooth multicam experience. Native Support for the Latest Cameras and Codecs: EDIUS X supports the newest codecs and camera releases natively like no other NLE. There’s no need to transcode, so you can just edit!Ongoing Continuous Development: EDIUS X will continue to expand and grow its toolset with even more creative possibilities. EDIUS X users will benefit from all EDIUS 10.x updates available for download free of charge throughout the entire lifecycle of EDIUS X.EDIUS X comes bundled with three great new modules for optimizing audio, title creation and video effects. All modules are especially customized to utilize EDIUS X’s new core design benefits. These are:Audio Optimization: EDIUS X comes bundled with the exclusive EDIUS Editions of Acon Digital: Compress EE, DeNoise EE, DeVerberate EE and Limit EE. Those powerful and easy to apply audio filters work like a swiss army knife whenever an editor needs to work on correcting and optimizing audio and VA tracks.Professional Titling: EDIUS X features the NewBlue Titler Pro 7 in a special EDIUS X customized version that includes an extended template package. This ensures maximal stability and performance. Titler Pro 7 offers new handling and design features for professional titling, animated graphics, rolling titles and lower-thirds.Video Effects & Seamless Transitions: EDIUS X features the proDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition that includes over 100 seamless transitions. All presets can be customized and adapted to the user’s individual footage. The seamless transitions also work great on animating titles and graphics. Additionally, proDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition includes over 250 great filters and transitions of Vitascene 3 LE.Outlook: EDIUS X Version 10.x Ongoing DevelopmentWith upcoming EDIUS 10.x releases Grass Valley will continuously update and enhance EDIUS X with new functions and workflow options with every free update during the software’s lifecycle of about two to three years. As EDIUS X is a milestone and the first release of the newest generation of Grass Valley’s NLE, users can expect not only new functions but also extended and all new workflow options.Planned free of charge updates will include:Teamwork editing — including the sharing of content and projects.Enhanced workflow options utilizing the cloud.Intelligent handling of metadata for an optimized media management.Diagnostics and automatic bulk-optimization of audio & video clips.Enhanced SDK and Rest-API for third-party developers allowing for perfect integration.The enhanced SDK will make EDIUS 10.x a perfect partner for complementing solutions allowing a tight and deep integration. This will also allow to include cloud services leveraging machine learning skills. Third Party solutions will also be able to communicate with EDIUS X via the new Rest-API allowing tailor-made applications and expand the possibilities even further. Cloud based machine learning skills might feature future tasks like audio-transcriptions or offer object recognition services combined with an automated metadata tagging and exchange with EDIUS, Mync and other compatible MAM systems through the new core EDIUS X datahub.EDIUS X Feature List:Edit media files with different resolutions from 24×24 to 4Kx2K (EDIUS X Workgroup: 8Kx4K)Support for the latest file formats — Sony XAVC (Intra/ Long GOP)/XAVC S/XDCAM, Panasonic AVC-Ultra/AVC-Intra/ P2 and Canon XF-AVC/XF-HEVC (import only), Sony RAW, Canon Cinema RAW/Cinema RAW Light (import only), RED RAW (import only), ProRes, DNxHD/HR (option), still image RAW and more…Support for the latest color space for Log and RAW files – HLG/PQ, S-Log, Canon Log, V-Log/V-Log L, J-Log1, F-Log, Log C, D-Log, N-Log, OM-Log400 and LUT (.cube) file importFastest AVCHD and DSLR video editing on the marketReal-time conversion of frame rates on the same timeline delivers more efficient editing into the hands of editorsFast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title and graphics tracksHDR editing (HDR/SDR gain and tone mapping)Superior 4K HDR workflow, including support for Black¬magic Design/AJA hardware (preview only)Export in 4K HDR for broadcasting and web distributionMync (media management software) bundled with EDIUS X implements a powerful new Meta Smart Search function and HDR support (preview, storyboard, export)Primary color correction (RGB) for color grading3-way color correction (YUV)60/50p timecode displayNew video scope supporting HDRMulticam editing of up to 16 different sources simultane¬ously, with video output supportFast and accurate multicam audio sync engineVarious proxy editing modes for next-generation workflow helps extend usability and increase ROIHigh quality motion tracking (adopt “Hybrid Tracker”)High quality slow-motion (optical flow and advanced matching)High-speed and high-quality stabilizerHigh-performance video LayouterVarious synthetic video filters such as masks and keyersAccelerated 4K H.264/H.265 playback using Intel Quick Sync VideoFast and high-quality H.264/AVC decoder and encoder (for fast encoding of 4K XAVC)Fast and high-quality MPEG decoder and encoderFast handling of large quantities of still image files (JPG, TGA, DPX, Cinema DNG and others)Closed Caption view, scc/mcc file import and exportRED RAW decode GPU supportApple ProRes exportApple ProRes RAW decodeApple MOV (H.264/H.265) exportBlackmagic RAW decodeBlackmagic Film Gamma supportDirect to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline exportProject import/export as EDL, AAF, FCP 7 XML (import only)OFX Plug-in bridge supportAbility to save a current project as a template in order to re-use preferred track settings, screen layout, etc.EDIUS X Workgroup Only:Built-in loudness meter with auto adjustmentsDolby consumer license included as standard, which is applicable to corporate and consumer use of Dolby audio. For use in broadcast applications, the Dolby Professional/ Plus license is available as an option for EDIUS X WorkgroupThird-party hardware 50p/60p output supportMonitor control (synchronize color space setting)Video-out conversionEDIUS X System Requirements:CPU: CPU with AVX2 support: Intel 4th Gen or newer or equivalent AMD CPUMemory: 8 GB RAM or more | for 4K projects 16 GB or moreHard Disk: 6 GB of hard disk space for installation, fast drive for video storageGraphics Card: 1 GB VRAM or more | for 4K projects 2 GB or moreSound Card: Sound card with WDM driver supportNetwork: Internet connection required for initial software license activation, thereafter once per month to maintain usage | Offline activation and usage possible for EDIUS X WorkgroupOS: Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 or laterSupported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese traditional (Chinese simplified is available in the Chinese Version and Japanese in the Japanese Version of EDIUS X)

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