Security that’s tailored to fit your needsCustom features for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad secure your devices where it’s needed most.“Up to 3 devices” means you can share your security with every one of your devices or everyone closest to you.Protection against your greatest online foesAvast Premium Security protects against all online threats, including spoofed websites and ransomware.Now you can safely shop and bank onlineSpoofed (fake) websites are one of the oldest hacking tricks in the book. Avast Premium Security scans websites for security risks on both your computer and mobile phone, so you can finally shop and bank online safely on any device.TECH CORNERSpoofed websites have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. For example, a hacker may use DNS spoofing to create a malicious duplicate of a legitimate shopping or banking website. The goal is to trick you into typing your credit card details or banking login info into the fake site — before you know it, you’ve handed over your sensitive information to a stranger.Avast Premium Security keeps you safe by automatically redirecting you to secure sites, ensuring that you never land on a spoofed website. It also protects against hacked routers that use fake DNS settings to send you to fake websites.Now you can safely shop and bank onlineThe problem is that the ransomware-encrypted version of your files gets immediately synced with the cloud too…so unless your backup solution stores historical versions of your files, you’re in trouble.Avoid becoming the victim of digital extortionRansomware is quickly becoming one of the most common — and dangerous — types of malware out there. Avast Premium Security fully protects all of your devices against havoc-wreaking ransomware so you don’t become the victim of digital extortion.TECH CORNERLike the name suggests, ransomware is the digital equivalent of a hostage situation. Hackers use ransomware to encrypt the personal files on your computer or phone, preventing you from accessing them until you — you guessed it — pay a ransom.Avast Premium Security blocks ransomware before it can get anywhere near your files — let alone encrypt them. And don’t worry about accessing and using all of your files (documents, photos, etc.) as you normally would; ransomware protection works quietly in the background.

Programy antywirusowe i zabezpieczające

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